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Promotion of any subject in the context and all advertising networks. Bypassing any locks and passing moderation.

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Google AdWords

The most popular network of contextual advertising on the Internet. Any contextual advertising strategy in 90% of cases includes Google Adwords.

Of course, the competition, as well as the cost of a click in this network is quite high. But our experts guarantee - that the price of a click of your campaign will be at the lowest possible price, and by the most effective requests. We work even in the most difficult subjects, and can be moderated in Adwords even in the fields of Gambling and ICO.

Yandex Direct

The largest network of contextual advertising on the vastness of Russia. Ordering advertising in this direction, you can be sure that it will be seen by the inhabitants of those cities and those ages that are suitable for your product.

The algorithms of YandexDirect are constantly improving and we are following all the changes in order to attract the maximum traffic to your landing pages. Work with complex topics is also included in our Yandex.Direct package


The social network with the biggest traffic (more than 2 billion visitors a month). The audience is clearly segmented, and most importantly - solvent.

We guarantee your ad displaying in the most targeted segments, and the growth of traffic to your site. We work in any niches and with different types of Facebook advertising, depending on your needs and wishes


The most effective place to sell physical goods. In instagram all sales occur through images and video (visual elements). Therefore, the conversions here are quite large. The main thing is to choose the right product.

Instagram does not have a large set of segments, mostly young people, or those who are attached to it. Purchases are usually made spontaneously, and influenced by other comments. We know a lot about the promotion of goods in Instagram, and we are ready to provide our services to promote your product even in complex topics.


Advertising network, operating at 100% in the Russian segment of the Internet. Here you can have a huge amount of advertising for the audience of 40 and older, and it will work.

Even at the planning stage, we can tell whether a particular product will become popular in MyTarget or not. Therefore ordering a service from us means that you don't take risks.

Banner Networks

To promote complex and slippery topics, banner networks are ideal. Here there is no strict moderation, and the coverage is enormous.

The plus is that in banner networks the visual effect is very important. In addition to many products, we work closely with ICO topics in such networks as,,,, We have huge experience in advertising investment projects in banner networks.


One of the most popular social networks. Advertising in Twitter is characterized by greater coverage and relative cheapness because of the minimum amount of text in the message.

Twitter is not suitable for all types of goods and services, but projects which are located there immediately get a good traffic.


The most popular video hosting, in which every year more and more advertising are placed. A large number of segments allows you to maneuver campaigns and look for the most conversion channels.

On YouTube you can freely advertise different subjects and this makes YouTube very popular for advertisers. We have extensive experience in promoting projects through Youtube (as both the main and additional source of traffic), and offer our services to you.